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WP-TOOLKIT-FIBER-BAS Wirepath™ Basic Fiber Tool Kit

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WP-TOOLKIT-FIBER-BAS Wirepath™ Basic Fiber Tool Kit
Wirepath™ Basic Fiber Tool Kit

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Wirepath™ Basic Fiber Tool Kit

This basic fiber termination tool kit is a must-have for any installer, and provides you with all the standardized equipment you need to terminate fiber quickly and cleanly. Kit includes a tester, fiber stripper, wheel cleaver, Kevlar shears, and a single, sturdy tool bag to transport them anywhere. Plus, the included precision cleaver even severs the fiber without any need for microscope verification.

Slice & Dice

Our precision wheel cleaver has already been adjusted to the correct height to easily score Wirepath SSF fiber, and severs fiber cleanly so you won’t need microscope verification.

Faulty Fiber? No Problem

Identify and pinpoint any fiber defects with this Visual Fault Locator (VFL), a useful tool for any installer.

Sheer Strength

Kevlar shears are made to be tough, so the job won’t have to be.

Wire Stripping Made Simple

This handy fiber stripper makes quick work of stripping wires, allowing you to enjoy the finished product sooner.

Grab ‘n Go

When you’re done with the job, simply load up your tools into the handy bag, and you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way.


This Wirepath Fiber Tool Kit includes a Wirepath precision wheel cleaver, VFL, Kevlar shears, fiber stripper, and the toolbag.

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