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ZIG-TRV-01 Zigbee TRV

ZIG-TRV-01 Zigbee TRV
Zigbee TRV
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This Zigbee TRV provides retrofit installation to any radiator with a manual TRV fitting. Simply unscrew the existing TRV and screw on the Zigbee TRV.

The Zigbee TRV can be enrolled into the Omni controller equiped with a ZIM. The TRV shows up as a thermostat and provides current temperature reading from the room and provides a heat set point setting. When the current temperature is below the heat setpoint then the TRV will open to let hot water flow into the raditaor. When the current temperature is equal to or greater than the heat setpoint then the TRV will close preventing hot water from flowing in the radiator.

The motor is very quiet so this is fine to be used in bedrooms. The TRV takes 2 x AA batteries that will last 2 years or more. The LED will continually flash red when the batery is low.

The boiler can be controlled via the Zigbee load control module ot from an output on the Omni controller. Simple logic is added to the Omni to turn the boiler on if a TRV needs heat.


Simple installation, simply unscrew the existing TRV by hand and replace with the wireless radiator valve. At the touch of a button, turn down the heating in rooms that you're not using. Also plan up to four years in advance for times when the heating will not be in use with the heating holiday diary. A 'hands on' override button on the valve means quick changes are easy from within the room.

Simple to install and use

Enrols under the Leviton Omni equipped with a ZIM

TRV shows up as a thermostat in the Leviton Snaplink app and on the Leviton OT7 touchscreen

Standard Zigbee HA Pro profile works with all Zigbee based control systems with this profile

Automatic warnings such as 'battery low' means no surprises

Quiet motorised valve, directly replaces traditional TRV's

Automatic exercising when unused for 7 days to minimise seizing of radiator valves in warmer months

Low power circuitry for long battery life

Patented 'Dual Sensor Technology' for accurate temperature control

Controls radiators individually maximising zoing potential

Compatible with most radiator valve bodies - Full list here


ZIG-TVR-01 Installation Guide v1

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