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900-000155 SoloCAT HD Lite up to 60m

900-000155 SoloCAT HD Lite up to 60m
SoloCAT HD Lite up to 60m
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HDMI over HDBaseT has proven to be the most reliable technologies developed to transmit your HDMI signal over CAT5e/6 cable. Other technologies generally begin to degrade over 100' at 1080p. The SoloCAT HD using HDMI over HDBaseT technology is solid and reliable up to 210' over a single CAT5e/6 cable.

In addition to the HDMI signal, bi directional IR and bi directional RS232 can be sent over that same CAT cable up to 210'. Additionally, Zektor has designed our product utilizing our SoloCAT™ technology requiring only one end to be powered. This exciting new technology is available from Zektor now.


Transmits HDMI 1.4, RS232 and Bi-Directional IR up to 210ft over a single CAT5e/6 cable

Full HD and 3D support - all 7 3D formats are supported

Uncompressed video 1080p@ 50/60Hz, 2k (2048x1080p) and 4k (4096×2160p) resolutions

Supports high resolution video: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 2k (2048x1080p) and 4k (4096×2160p)

DVI 1.0 and HDCP 1.2 compliant

Full EDID pass-through

Supports all VESA formats

Enables 10.2Gbps of HDMI Audio: Dolby TrueHD & DTS Master Audio 7.1 compliant

Supports Refresh Rates: 24Hz, 30Hz, 50, 60Hz

Full 1080p 50/60Hz (48bit) at 210'

External wall mount, ventilated chassis


Transmitter Inputs: HDMI (Type A), IR, RS232

Transmitter Output: RJ45, HDMI (Type A) Local-Out

Receiver Input: RJ45

Receiver Output HDMI, 3.5mm IR, 15 pin female D Subminiature

HDCP 1.2 Compliant

EDID pass through

3D formats support: Side-by-Side Horizontal; Top-and-Bottom; Frame-Packing; field alternative; frame alternative; line alternative; side-by-side half; side-by-side full; L + depth; L + depth + graphics + graphics depth

Deep Color: 48bit up to 210ft

Resolution Support: up to 2k (2048x1080p) and 4k (4096×2160p), 4 times higher than 1080p

Power Consumption (max.): 15W

Video Bandwidth: 10Gbps

Input TMDS signal: 1.2 volts (peak-to-peak)

Input DDC signal: 5 volts (peak-to-peak)

HDMI Connector: 19 pin female connector

Power Supply: 5V 2A (110/240 universal)

Link Connector: RJ-45 Shielded


SoloCAT_HD User Manual

SoloCAT_HD Datasheet

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Additional Information

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