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How do I trigger a macro in BitWise Controls from an event in a Visualint VI Camera

  • Create your event in the Visualint Camera in the normal way by enabling the VCA and setting up your zone and setting up an event rule
  • Create the macro you wish to trigger in BitWise Controls using Project Editor and make a note of the macro number that is automatically assigned to it
  • On the Visualint camera go to Event Configuration and HTTP Notification and select Add to create a new instance
  • Give it a relevant name and enter the IP address of the BitWise Controller that has the macro you want to run and enter 80 for the port number
  • No Authentication is required
  • If the macro is running on a BC1 or BC2 enter the following in the message "cgi-bin/dobwc?bwc:macro:8:" for macro 8. Change this number as necessary.
  • If the macro is running on a BC4 enter the following in the message "bwc.xml?bwc=bwc:macro:8:" for macro 8. Change this number as necessary.
  • Now go back to your event and select Modify and select Event Action and tick "Send HTTP notification" and select the notification you just set up and click OK. 
  • The BitWise Macro should now run when the event in the camera is triggered. 

Make sure you know how often the event from the Visualint camera will be triggered before integrate this with the whole house control system or you may find you things are happening multiple times. Use the event monitor in the Visualint camera under VCA/Zones and Rules to see how many times the event actually gets triggered as the macro in BitWise Controls will get called each time the even is triggered. 

Some of the optional advanced analaytic add on software features can enhance this significantly. The basic presence detection is included with the camera. Virtual trip wires, counting and appear are all part of the add on. This can provide one event per person rather than multiple. 

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